What is Cheapo Snob?

Being a Cheapo Snob is a way of life.  It means never sacrificing either your wallet or your snobbishness.  We enjoy splurging on certain things while at the same time not spending much on others. To better illustrate we've come up with a couple of examples over the years.

ON THE CHEAPO SIDE--We love getting gîtes in France where we can lodge the whole family and save money both on hotel room costs and by eating in some nights. VRBOs are also good for whole family travels. Never neglect good guide book ideas. We once followed a suggestion we'd read about and stayed in a convent in Rome to save money on a hotel room: very clean and interesting "speaking" Italian with the head nun who checked us in. (Though on another occasion the shower in a convent had no separate stall and everything in the bathroom got wet whenever anyone washed up!)

ON THE SNOB SIDE--We seek out what we hope to be the most authentic dining experiences we can. We've found very interesting French restaurants in Paris by reading the Air France magazine on the plane and discussing favorite off-the-beaten-path places with people we meet.

We are writing this blog to share our cheapo snobbishness with everyone. You too can now learn to be your best Cheapo Snob in Paris. My book, Pilgrimage to Paris: The Cheapo Snob's Guide to the City and Americans Who Lived There, is coming out this fall. You can pre-order it here: http://www.open-bks.com/library/moderns/pilgrimage-to-paris/order.html.

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