Thank You and 40th Anniversary

Dear Mom & Dad,
Thank you for your generous gift. We really appreciate it. As a thank you and in celebration of your 40th anniversary we are sending you on a trip to hopefully inspire you for postings to this blog. There is really no better place to be a real "Cheap-o Snob" than Manhattan. Manhattan is home to some of the most expensive restaurants in the world (not that we would be caught there!). To fully focus on the eating aspect of being a Cheap-o we are taking care of the rest of the details.

You will be whisked down to Penn Station on the luxurious Amtrak railway. From Penn Station you will be able to stroll about 20 minutes (or take a taxi) to 201 Park Avenue South...

where you will be staying at the W Hotel in Union Square.

From here, do as you wish, but remember...stay true to your inner Cheap-o-ness.

Your Sons, daughter-in-laws, and grandchildren

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